Backing up Virtual Warehouse parameters

You use the CDP CLI version 0.9.88 or later.

Use the CDP CLI dw backup-cluster command to create the backup data.
export CDP_PROFILE=<test / prod / etc>
export CLUSTER_ID=<the-id-of-the-cluster> # the current ID (original ID) of the cluster  

cdp \
  --profile ${CDP_PROFILE} \
  dw backup-cluster \
   --cluster-id ${CLUSTER_ID} 1>dump_${CLUSTER_ID}.json
Example content of the dump_${CLUSTER_ID}.json file:
   "clusterId": "env-qf5cj7",
   "timestamp": "2023-02-16T10:29:16+00:00",
   "md5": "5a18129ad01b75f315ae518a37004804"

In this file, the “clusterId” field denotes the cluster from which the backup was taken. The “data” field contains the configuration backup data itself.