Getting started in Grafana

Learn how to log into Grafana in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Public Cloud.

  • To access Grafana, your CDP administrator must use Management Console to assign the environment to you as a resource.
  • You must obtain the DWAdmin role.
  1. In Data Warehouse > Overview, expand the Environment column.
  2. Search for the environment that is associated with the Virtual Warehouse, click more options in the environment tile, and select Open Grafana.
  3. Enter your LDAP user name, or the name provided by your Administrator for logging into Grafana.
  4. Go back to the environment tile, and select Copy Kubeconf.
  5. Open a terminal window, paste the contents of your clipboard into a text file, and save the file by the name kubeconf (no extension).
  6. Export the KUBECONFIG variable equal to the file name.
    export KUBECONFIG=kubeconf
  7. Get the password for Grafana.
    For example, use the kubectl command as follows:
    kubectl get secret grafana -n istio-system -o jsonpath="{.data.passphrase}" | base64 -D | pbcopy
  8. Go back to the Grafana login dialog, and paste the contents of your clipboard.
    The Grafana login dialog should look something like this:
  9. Click Log in.