About public cloud environments

This topic provides a high-level description and diagram of what environments are in CDP Public Cloud.

In CDP Public Cloud, an environment is a logical subset of your virtual private network, which is hosted on a public cloud provider. You can register as many environments as you require. Registering an environment with Management Console provides the CDP platform with access to your public cloud account. When you register an environment, resources are identified in your public cloud account that CDP services can access or provision. After you register an environment with Management Console, you must activate the environment in Cloudera Data Warehouse service, which sets up the Kubernetes cluster for the Database Catalog. For more information, see "Activating environments" in the links at the bottom of this page.

The following diagram lists the components of a CDP environment and indicates which components are created by CDP or by CDP administrators:

For more details about specific types of CDP environments, see links to additional information at the end of this page.