Activating Azure environments

This topic describes how to activate Azure environments to use with Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Public Cloud.

Before you can create a Database Catalog to use in a Virtual Warehouse, you must activate an Azure environment that has been registered in Management Console. Activating an environment with CDW service sets up the Kubernetes cluster, which provides the computing resources for the Database Catalog. In addition, activating an environment enables the CDW service to use the existing data lake that was set up for the environment, including all data, metadata, and security.

Required role: DWAdmin

  • Determine which environment, which uses a particular data lake, is the environment you want to activate for use with a Database Catalog and Virtual Warehouse.
  • Review the Azure environments requirements checklist.
  1. In the CDW service, expand the Environments column by clicking the More… menu:

  2. In the Environments column, click the search icon and locate the environment that you want to activate:

  3. When you locate the environment, click the activation icon to launch the Activation Settings dialog box:

  4. In the Activation Settings dialog box, you can enable environment features:

    • Select Enable Azure Availability Zones.
    • Choose the appropriate Subnet from the drop-down list.
    • Select Use Overlay Networks if IP address exhaustion is a concern for your deployment.
  5. After specifying the options you want for this environment, click Activate.