Generating a JWT token from the CDP side

To give client users access to your Virtual Warehouse, you can generate a token in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) and provide the token to your client.

You can navigate to the Apache Knox UI in CDP, or click Options in the Impala Virtual Warehouse tile. From an Impala Virtual Warehouse tile, skip steps 1 and 2 below, and just click Options JWT Auth Token Generator shown in the following screenshot.
Apache Knox in CDP appears. Follow steps 3-5 below to generate the token.

To navigate to the Knox UI instead of using the CDW UI, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into CDP, and in the Cloudera Management Console, select Environments > Data Lake.
  2. Scroll down to Services, and click Token Integration.
    Apache Knox in CDP appears.
  3. Click Token Generation.
  4. In Token Generation, choose the lifespan of the token, and click Generate Token.
  5. Copy the JWT token to provide to your client user.
    For security reasons, after you close Token Generation, you cannot see the token again.