Correcting the Impala Virtual Warehouse size

After creating an Impala Virtual Warehouse, you can tune, or correct, the T-shirt size of executor groups that drive the Impala Virtual Warehouse. The size of the executor groups is critical for achieving cost and performance goals.

You do not have to recreate the Virtual Warehouse if you want to try a different size. For example, you can easily change the size of executor groups from xxsmall-impala to xsmall-impala after creating a the Virtual Warehouse by following the procedure below to edit the Impala Virtual Warehouse.
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and navigate to the Data Warehouse service.
  2. In the Data Warehouse service, click Overview in the left navigation pane.
  3. In Overview page, find your Virtual Warehouses, click , and select Edit.
  4. In SIZING AND SCALING, in Cluster Shape, select a different Size.
  5. Click Apply in the upper right corner of the page to apply your changes.