Enabling Data Analytics Studio in Cloudera Data Warehouse Public Cloud

By default, Data Analytics Studio (DAS) is disabled in the Data Warehouse service. Cloudera encourages you to use Hue to run Hive LLAP workloads. However, if you need to use DAS, then you can enable it by setting the das.event-pipeline.enabled property to true in the Database Catalog configurations.

  1. Log in to the Data Warehouse service as a DWAdmin.
  2. Go to Environments > > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS.
  3. Select the Enable Das Link option and click Apply Changes.
    This adds the DAS link on the Virtual Warehouse tile.
  4. Go to Database Catalogs > > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Das event processor and select the das-event-processor-json option from the Configuration files drop-down menu.
  5. Add the following line under the event-processing section:
    "environment": "production",
      "event-processing": {
      "das.event-pipeline.enabled": true,
    This enables the DAS Event Processor in the backend for processing queries and updating daatbase schema.
  6. Click Apply Changes.