Configuring a time zone

Cloudera Data Warehouse by default is configured for the UTC time zone. If you want time-related queries in your Virtual Warehouse to return results in your local time zone instead of UTC, you need learn how to change the configuration.

The way you configure the time zone in the Hive Virtual Warehouse versus the Impala Virtual Warehouse differs. In this task, you configure both.
  • First you configure a Hive Virtual Warehouse to return Dubai time when you enter a time-related query, such as SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
  • Next, you configure an Impala Virtual Warehouse to return Budapest time when you enter a query such as SELECT NOW().
  1. In the CDW UI, in Overview, select a Hive Virtual Warehouse, click , and click Edit.
  2. In Details, click CONFIGURATIONS > HiveServer2.
  3. Select hive-site from the drop-down list, and search for
  4. If the key does not appear, click + to add it.
  5. In Value, enter your local time zone.
    Refer to to find the name of your time zone. For example, in Value, select Asia/Dubai:
  6. Apply the change.
  7. Click Overview, locate the Impala Virtual Warehouse, and click Edit.
  8. In Details, click CONFIGURATIONS > Impala coordinator.
  9. Select flagfile from the drop-down list, and to the default.query.options key, add your local time zone.
    For example, in Value, add timezone="Europe/Budapest",:
  10. Apply the change.