Rebuilding a Virtual Warehouse

You can clean up resources and redeploy your Virtual Warehouse while preserving its image version. Rebuild your Virtual Warehouse to perform housekeeping or troubleshooting a problem.

Rebuilding the Virtual Warehouse redeploys resources in the cluster while preserving the configurations and other settings you made using the CDW UI or CDP CLI.

You can rebuild the Database Catalog in the following ways:
  • Rebuilding deprecated versions of the Virtual Warehouse is not supported and will fail.
  • Rebuilding does not preserve the changes you made directly, using kubectl for example, to cluster resources in the affected namespaces.
  • You must obtain the DWAdmin role.
  • You must be running the version 2022.0.6-b92 or later of the Virtual Warehouse to rebuild it.
  1. Log in to the Data Warehouse service as DWAdmin.
  2. Go to the Virtual Warehouses tab.
  3. Locate the Virtual Warehouse you want to rebuild and click > Rebuild.
    The Rebuild Virtual Warehouse modal is displayed.
  4. Click Rebuild Virtual Warehouse.
The Virtual Warehouse is rebuilt with the same image version and configurations as it had before.