Setting up a Virtual Warehouse for ETL

You learn how to set up a Unified Analytics Virtual Warehouse for extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs. You learn how to enable query isolation mode.

When you create a Hive Virtual Warehouse, Unified Analytics is automatically enabled. This type of Virtual Warehouse can read and write full ACID tables in the Hive metastore. ETL jobs, identified by their size, run in query isolation mode if enabled.
  • Required role: DW Admin
  1. Create a Virtual Warehouse, selecting Hive as the type of SQL engine.
  2. Configure the Hive Virtual Warehouse as instructed above for the Impala Virtual Warehouse: Set the Name, Type (Hive), Database Catalog, User Groups, and Size.
  3. Turn on ETL Isolation.
    This action sets the internal configuration property hive.etl.execution.engine to Tez for query isolation.
  4. Click Create.