Running the exclude aggregations example

If you are knowledgeable about your workload and want to exclude views with aggregations for maintenance reasons, you need to know about the SPJ (select-project-join) recommendation mode.

In the input directory workload-insights/demo/queries, a file named queryA.sql contains queryA. QueryA contains the GROUP BY aggregation clause, which you want the recommender to exclude from the view..

  1. Go to the workload-insights directory.
    The Workload Insights (wi) script is located in this directory.
  2. Run the script using the -r SPJ option to exclude aggregations from recommended views.
    ./wi -i queries/queryA.sql -u jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000 -r SPJ
    Output looks something like this:
    Recommended views:
    -- materialized_view_0:
    CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW `materialized_view_0` AS
    SELECT `store_returns`.`sr_item_sk`, `store_returns`.`sr_reason_sk`, `store_returns`.`sr_net_loss`, `store_returns`.`sr_reason_sk` AS `sr_reason_sk0`
    FROM `default`.`reason`,`default`.`store_returns`
    WHERE `store_returns`.`sr_reason_sk` = `reason`.`r_reason_sk` AND 'Found a better price in a store' = `reason`.`r_reason_desc`;
    Query details:
    -- queryA:SELECT `t0`.`sr_item_sk`, SUM(`t0`.`sr_net_loss`) AS `$f1` FROM (SELECT `sr_item_sk`, `sr_reason_sk`, `sr_net_loss` FROM `default`.`store_returns` WHERE `sr_reason_sk` IS NOT NULL) AS `t0` INNER JOIN (SELECT `r_reason_sk` FROM `default`.`reason` WHERE `r_reason_desc` = 'Found a better price in a store' AND `r_reason_sk` IS NOT NULL) AS `t2` ON `t0`.`sr_reason_sk` = `t2`.`r_reason_sk` GROUP BY `t0`.`sr_item_sk`
    -- RECOMMENDATION : materialized_view_0

    The recommender runs faster by excluding aggregations because the recommender explores a smaller search space. Similarly, the user can request to obtain only recommendations with aggregations using the SPJA mode. Using the default ALL option, you would get the same result as above. ALL includes SPJ for SELECT-PROJECT-JOIN recommendations and SPJA for SELECT-PROJECT-JOIN-AGGREGATE.