Known Issues in Data Analytics Studio in Cloudera Data Warehouse service on public clouds

DWX-4020: Add column functionality via upload table option doesn't work.
Problem: You may not be able to add or delete columns or change the table schema after creating a new table using the upload table feature.
Workaround: N/A
DWX-929: DAS UI displays the internal JDBC URL.
Problem: DAS displays the internal JDBC URL on its About page instead of the correct JDBC URL to use to connect to the data warehouse.
Workaround: To copy the correct JDBC URL to use to connect to the data warehouse, in the Data Warehouse service Overview page, go to Virtual Warehouse > , and then click Copy JDBC URL.
DWX-2592: DAS cannot parse certain characters in strings and comments.
Problem: DAS cannot parse semicolons (;) and double hyphens (--) in strings and comments. For example if you have a semicolon in a query such as the following, the query might fail:

SELECT * FROM properties WHERE prop_value = "name1;name2";
Queries with double hyphens (--) might also fail. For example:

SELECT * FROM test WHERE option = '--name';
Workaround: If a semicolon is present in a comment, then remove the semicolon before running the query or remove the comment entirely. For example:

SELECT * FROM test; -- SELECT * FROM test;
Should be changed to:

SELECT * FROM test; /* comment; comment */
In the same manner, remove any double-hyphens before running queries to avoid failure in DAS.
Older versions of Google Chrome browser might cause issues.
Problem: You might experience problems while using faceted search in older versions of the Google Chrome browser.
Workaround: Use the latest version (71.x or later) of Google Chrome.
BUG-94611: Visual Explain for the same query shows different graphs.
Problem: Visual Explain for the same query shows different graphs on the Compose page and the Query Details page.
Workaround: N/A