November 14, 2019

This release of the Data Warehouse service introduces the following new features and improvements:

Hive 3 stability improvements

Continued improvements that include:

  • HiveServer2 cleanup of existing DAGs from Tez session pools when HiveServer2 restarts.
  • Improved memory use for Hive LLAP Virtual Warehouses.
  • Improved accuracy of table statistics for partitioned tables.

Support for using Impala shell to connect to Virtual Warehouses from remote computers

You can download and install the Impala shell to your local computer and connect to Impala Virtual Warehouses in CDP. For details, see Using Impala shell.

Improved auto-scaling in Impala Virtual Warehouses

In this release, there is greater fault-tolerance and improved coordination between the processes used to auto-scale Impala Virtual Warehouses. For details, see Impala auto-scaling overview.