February 20, 2020

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse service on CDP Public Cloud introduces the following new features and improvements:

Data Warehouse service security improvements

Continued improvements that include general hardening of the service platform.

Improved auto-scaling in Impala Virtual Warehouses

In this release, the following configuration options have been added to Impala auto-scaling:

  • Enable or disable high availability (having one or two coordinators) to save on cloud resource consumption.
  • Enable or disable AutoSuspend, which gives you the ability to accelerate the system's response to queries after idle periods.
  • Scale Up Delay, which sets the length of time in seconds that the system waits before adding more executors when it detects queries waiting in the queue to execute.
  • Scale Down Delay, which sets the length of time in seconds that the system waits before it removes executors when it detects idle executor groups.

For details, see Impala auto-scaling overview.

Dedicated DWUser role added

The DWUser role has been added, which grants a CDP user/group the ability to view Cloudera Data Warehouse clusters within a CDP environment.

For details, see the "CDP resource roles" section of Understanding roles and resource roles in the Management Console documentation set.

Support for private deployments in AWS to set up private networking

Cloudera Data Warehouse service now supports private deployments in AWS, which use private subnets. In AWS, a public subnet is connected to an internet gateway which can send and receive traffic directly to and from the internet. Private subnets send outbound traffic from nodes to the internet by using a network address translation (NAT) gateway, and then forwards the traffic to an internet gateway. Private subnets receive no direct inbound connections from the internet. This provides private network connectivity for workload endpoints in Data Warehouse service.

For details, see Set up private networking in AWS.

Support for restricting access to endpoints in AWS

In this release, you can now whitelist IP CIDRs on your network so they can access Kubernetes endpoints and endpoints for the services such as Hive, Impala, Data Analytics Studio (DAS), or Hue in environments that use AWS. For more details, see Restricting access to endpoints in AWS.

New section in documentation on "Managing environments"

A new How To section has been added to the documentation set called Managing environments. In this section, learn how to configure CDP environments specifically to support the Data Warehouse service.