Flow Development Overview

Learn about the procedure and best practices of developing a flow definition for Cloudera DataFlow in NiFi.

Best Practices for Developing Flow Definitions

Before you can deploy a flow definition in Cloudera DataFlow (CDF), you need to develop your data flow logic in a development environment using Apache NiFi. To make sure that your NiFi data flow can be deployed in CDF, follow the best practices outlined in this section.

Developing Flow Definitions using NiFi

Before you can run a data flow in Cloudera DataFlow, you need to create the flow in Apache NiFi, download the NiFi flow as a flow definition, import it to Cloudera DataFlow and finally, deploy the flow. The flow definition acts as a configuration logic for your flow deployments. It enables you to deploy your data flow without the need to maintain cluster infrastructure. Also, you can deploy the same flow to multiple environments in Cloudera DataFlow.