Configure CPU based auto-scaling

Before you begin

When deploying a flow definition, continue to Step 4: Sizing & Scaling and pick your NiFi Node size


  1. Activate the Auto Scaling toggle to turn on CPU based auto-scaling.

  2. Use the slider or text fields to adjust the minimum and maximum number of nodes. CDF automatically determines the best number of nodes within the specified boundaries.

To configure auto-scaling using the CDP CLI, execute the cdp df create-deployment command with the following configuration:

cdp df create-deployment \
  --service-crn <your DFService CRN> \
  --flow-version-crn "<your flow version CRN>" \
  --deployment-name "<your flow deployment name>" \
  --cfm-nifi-version <your desired NiFi version> \
  --auto-start-flow \
  --cluster-size-name <your desired NiFi Node Size> \
  --auto-scaling-enabled \
  --auto-scale-min-nodes [***MINIMUM NUMBER OF NODES***] \
  --auto-scale-max-nodes [***MAXIMUM NUMBER OF NODES***]
Replace [***MINIMUM NUMBER OF NODES***] and [***MAXIMUM NUMBER OF NODES***] with the minimum and maximum number of nodes you want to allow for this deployment, respectively.