Testing JoltTrasformJSON processor configuration

You can test the transformations a given Jolt Specification effects on a sample JSON file without starting a test session.

  1. To test Jolt Transform when using the JoltTransformJSON processor, go to Configure > Test Jolt Transform.
  2. Optional: You may modify the Jolt Transformation DSL and Jolt Spec fields. If you modify them here, click Apply to confirm the changes.
    The values for fields Jolt Transformation DSL and Jolt Spec are automatically retrieved from the processor Configuration if already set.
  3. Optional: You may add attributes and values to reference within your specification for testing input. To do so, click Attributes.
  4. Paste the input file contents into the Json Input box.
  5. Click Test Transform.
    The result of the transformation is printed to the Output box.