Starting a test session

To validate your draft flow, start a test session, provisioning a NiFi cluster.

  • Make sure that you have DFDeveloper permission to perform this task. For information on account and resource roles, see DataFlow Authorization.
  • You have created a draft in CDF Flow Designer.
  1. Select Flow Options > Test Session.
    • Add Custom NAR Configuration if your flow requires custom processors that you have built.
    • Select Inbound Connections > Allow NiFi to receive data if your your draft uses listen processors with inbound connection endpoint support.

      The deployment wizard auto synchronizes port information with the configuration settings you made for your listen processor(s).

  2. Click Start Test Session.
    Test Session status changes to Initializing Test Session...
  3. Wait for the status to change to Active Test Session.
  4. Click Flow Options > Services to enable Services.
  5. Select a service you want to enable, then click Enable.
    Repeat this step for all Services.
  6. Click Back To Flow Designer to return to the flow design Canvas.
  7. Start all processors that are not running (you see a Stopped symbol next to the processor name) by selecting the processor on the Canvas then clicking Start.
The flow starts executing. On the Flow Design Canvas you can observe statistics on your processors change as they consume data and execute their respective tasks. You can also observe one or more blue Notification Pill, providing information about the current task. Potential issues that need to be addressed are called out in an orange Notification Pill on the individual processors.