Configuring inbound connection endpoint support in NiFi

You can enable a dataflow to listen on a public endpoint to data sources that are outside your CDP environment by adding Inbound connection support to your flow definition.

CDF supports all listen processors, including Custom Processors.

To enable your dataflow to use listen processors with inbound connection endpoint support, set up your listen processors with the following configuration:

  • Provide a port number where the flow deployment listens for incoming data. You can either parameterize it and set the actual port number during flow deployment, or you can set an explicit port number when designing the flow.
  • Create an external StandardRestrictedSSLContectService for your processor. You must name this context service Inbound SSL Context Service. No other configuration is required. The SSL context service will be created during cluster deployment and all other properties will be populated with values generated for that NiFi cluster.
  • Set Client Auth to “REQUIRED” to use mTLS