Understanding the use case

You can use the S3 to S3 Avro ReadyFlow to move data between source and destination S3 locations while converting the files into Avro format.

Understanding ReadyFlows

Using a ReadyFlow to build your data flow allows you to get started with CDF quickly and easily. A ReadyFlow is a flow definition template optimized to work with a specific CDP source and destination. So instead of spending your time on building the data flow in NiFi, you can focus on deploying your flow and defining the right KPIs for easy monitoring.

Moving data with an S3 to S3 Avro flow

You can use an S3 to S3 Avro data flow when you want to move data from a location in AWS S3 to another S3 location, and at the same time convert the data to Avro format. You need to specify the source format, the source and target location as well as the schema to use for handling the data. Your flow can consume JSON, CSV or Avro files from the source S3 location. It converts the files into Avro format and writes them to the destination S3 location. You define and store the data processing schema schema in the Schema Registry on a Streams Messaging Data Hub cluster. The data flow parses the schema by looking up the schema name in the Schema Registry.