Managing DataFlow in an environment

You can use the DataFlow Manager page to manage and monitor your DataFlow environment.

The Actions drop-down menu in the DataFlow Manager page allows you to choose between the following options to manage DataFlow in an environment:
  • Disable DataFlow for the environment
  • Reset DataFlow for the environment
  • Manage user access for the Kubernetes API Server
  • Download the Kubeconfig file
  • Renew certificates
  • Manage the environment details in Management Console

Apart from the information on your DataFlow Environment, the DataFlow Manager page also displays the capacity, networking, Kubernetes API Server endpoint access and tags of your environment under DataFlow Settings. You can edit the capacity settings of the environment, update the IP address ranges that are allowed to access the Kubernetes API Server and Load Balancer, and review the tags associated with the DataFlow environment under DataFlow Settings.

Click Manage DataFlow, from the Environment Details pane to perform some actions on your environment. The DataFlow Manager page appears.

You can also go back to the environment details by clicking Back to Environment Details.