Changing NiFi runtime version

You can change the NiFi runtime version for your flow deployment. Generally, you change NiFi runtime version to pick up hotfixes and the latest NiFi version. However, when you create a flow deployment you can also pick the NiFi version to align with your flow certification needs. Cloudera recommends that you always use the latest NiFi version if possible.

If you opt to change the NiFi runtime version, the process is carried out node by node. If your flow deployment has multiple nodes, the flow deployment continues to run. If the flow deployment has only one node, it stops for a short period of time.

You must have deployed a flow definition in Cloudera DataFlow and you must have the DFFlowAdmin role.

  1. Open Cloudera DataFlow by clicking the DataFlow tile in the CDP sidebar.
  2. Click Deployments from the left navigation pane.
  3. Select a flow deployment to expand the Deployment Details pane and get deployment, KPI, system metrics, alerts, and event history information.
  4. In Deployment Details, click Actions > Manage Deployment.
    You are redirected to the Deployment Manager page.
  5. Click Actions in the Deployment Manager page.
  6. Select Change NiFi Runtime Version.
    The Change NiFi Runtime Version page appears. It shows the current NiFi runtime version and a list of available version numbers.
  7. Select the new version number from the New Version dropdown, and click Update.