Editing KPIs and alerts of a flow deployment

You can edit KPIs and alerts of your flow deployment in the Deployment Settings section.

You can edit the KPI scope, metric to track, and alert details of the KPIs of you flow deployment. If you edit a KPI, you first need to finish editing the KPI before you can apply the changes to the flow deployment. You can delete a KPI from your flow deployment.

You can also add a new KPI in the Deployment Settings section. For more information on KPIs and how to add a KPI, see KPI Overview and Using KPIs.

You must have deployed a flow definition in Cloudera DataFlow and you must have the DFFlowAdmin role.

  1. Go to Deployment Manager > Deployment Settings.
  2. Select KPIs and Alerts.
  3. Edit the KPIs and alert details.
    • Click the edit icon to edit a KPI, and then click Save to save the changes.

    • Click the delete icon, and then click Delete to delete a KPI.

  4. Click Apply Changes.
    You cannot apply changes while you edit a KPI.