Editing size and scale of a flow deployment

You can edit size and scale of your flow deployment in the Deployment Settings section.

The Sizing and Scaling menu contains the following details of your flow deployment:
  • NiFi Node Size

    You cannot edit NiFi node sizing of a deployed flow. If you want to edit NiFi node sizing, you need to re-deploy your flow deployment.

  • Number of NiFi Nodes

    You can edit the number of NiFi nodes for your flow deployment. You can also select the Auto Scaling option. If you enable it, the minimum number of NiFi nodes is used for initial size and the workload scales up or down depending on resource demands.

You must have deployed a flow definition in Cloudera DataFlow and you must have the DFFlowAdmin role.

  1. Go to Deployment Manager > Deployment Settings.
  2. Select Sizing and Scaling.
  3. Edit the number of minimum and maximum NiFi nodes or select Auto Scaling.

  4. Click Apply Changes.