Mapping Azure Key Vault Secrets to Parameter Contexts

The AzureKeyVaultSecretsParameterProvider maps a Secret to a Parameter, which can be grouped by adding a "group-name" tag. To create a compatible secret from the Azure Portal:

  1. Go to the "Key Vault" service
  2. Create your own Key Vault
  3. In your own Key Vault, navigate to "Secrets"
  4. Create a secret with the name corresponding to the parameter name, and the value corresponding to the parameter value. Under "Tags", add a tag with a Key of "group-name" and a value of the intended Parameter Group name.

Alternatively, from the command line, run a command like the following once you have a Key Vault:

        az keyvault secret set --vault-name [Vault Name] --name [Parameter Name] --value [Parameter Value] --tags group-name=[Parameter Group Name]

In this example, [Parameter Group Name] should be the intended name of the Parameter Group, [Parameter Name] should be the parameter name, and [Parameter Value] should be the value of the parameter. [Vault Name] should be the name you chose for your Key Vault in Azure

Configuring the Parameter Provider

Azure Key Vault Secrets must be explicitly matched in the "Group Name Pattern" property in order for them to be fetched. This prevents more than the intended Secrets from being pulled into NiFi.