This processor polls a SNMP agent to get information for a given OID or OIDs (Strategy = GET) or for all the sub-tree associated to a given OID or OIDs (Strategy = WALK). This processors supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3. The component is based on SNMP4J.

The processor can compile the SNMP Get PDU from the attributes of an input flowfile (multiple OIDs can be specified) or from a single OID specified in the processor property. In the former case, the processor will only consider the OIDs specified in the flowfile. The processor is looking for attributes prefixed with snmp$. If such an attribute is found, the attribute name is split using the $ character. The second element must respect the OID format to be considered as a valid OID. The flowfile attribute value can be empty (it will be later filled with the retrieved value and written into the outgoing flowfile). When the processor is triggered, it sends the SNMP request and gets the information associated to request OID(s). Once response is received from the SNMP agent, a FlowFile is constructed. The FlowFile content is empty, all the information is written in the FlowFile attributes. In case of a single GET request, the properties associated to the received PDU are transferred into the FlowFile as attributes. In case of a WALK request, only the couples "OID/value" are transferred into the FlowFile as attributes. SNMP attributes names are prefixed with snmp$ prefix.

Regarding the attributes representing the couples "OID/value", the attribute name has the following format:

where OID is the request OID, and SMI_Syntax_Value is the integer representing the type of the value associated to the OID. This value is provided to allow the SetSNMP processor setting values in the correct type.

SNMP Properties

In case of a single SNMP Get request, the following is the list of available standard SNMP properties which may come with the PDU: ("snmp$errorIndex", "snmp$errorStatus", "snmp$errorStatusText", "snmp$nonRepeaters", "snmp$requestID", "snmp$type")