Mapping AWS Secrets to Parameter Contexts

The AwsSecretsManagerParameterProvider maps a Secret to a Parameter Context, with key/value pairs in the Secret mapping to parameters. To create a compatible secret from the AWS Console:

  1. From the Secrets Manager service, click the "Store a new Secret" button
  2. Select "Other type of secret"
  3. Under "Key/value", enter your parameters, with the parameter names being the keys and the parameter values being the values. Click Next.
  4. Enter the Secret name. This will determine which Parameter Context receives the parameters. Continue through the rest of the wizard and finally click the "Store" button.

Alternatively, from the command line, run a command like the following:

aws secretsmanager create-secret --name "[Context]" --secret-string '{ "[Param]": "[secretValue]", "[Param2]": "[secretValue2]" }'

In this example, [Context] should be the intended name of the Parameter Context, [Param] and [Param2] should be parameter names, and [secretValue] and [secretValue2] should be the values of each respective parameter.

Configuring the Parameter Provider

AWS Secrets must be explicitly matched in the "Secret Name Pattern" property in order for them to be fetched. This prevents more than the intended Secrets from being pulled into NiFi.