Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service for translating text to and from English across a breadth of supported languages. Powered by deep-learning technologies, Amazon Translate delivers fast, high-quality, and affordable language translation. It provides a managed, continually trained solution so you can easily translate company and user-authored content or build applications that require support across multiple languages. The machine translation engine has been trained on a wide variety of content across different domains to produce quality translations that serve any industry need.


Amazon ML Processors are implemented to utilize ML services based on the official AWS API Reference. You can find example json payload in the documentation at the Request Syntax sections. For more details please check the official Translate API reference With this processor you will trigger a startTextTranslationJob async call to Translate Service You can define json payload as property or provide as a flow file content. Property has higher precedence.

JSON payload template - note that it can be simplified with the optional fields, check AWS documentation for more details - example:

   "ClientToken": "string",
   "DataAccessRoleArn": "string",
   "InputDataConfig": {
      "ContentType": "string",
      "S3Uri": "string"
   "JobName": "string",
   "OutputDataConfig": {
      "EncryptionKey": {
         "Id": "string",
         "Type": "string"
      "S3Uri": "string"
   "ParallelDataNames": [ "string" ],
   "Settings": {
      "Formality": "string",
      "Profanity": "string"
   "SourceLanguageCode": "string",
   "TargetLanguageCodes": [ "string" ],
   "TerminologyNames": [ "string" ]