This implementation of distributed map cache is backed by Hazelcast. The Hazelcast connection is provided and maintained by an instance of HazelcastCacheManager. One HazelcastCacheManager might serve multiple cache clients. This implementation uses the IMap data structure. The identifier of the Hazelcast IMap will be the same as the value of the property Hazelcast Cache Name. It is recommended for all HazelcastMapCacheClient instances to use different cache names.

The implementation supports the atomic method family defined in AtomicDistributedMapCacheClient. This is achieved by maintaining a revision number for every entry. The revision is a 8 byte long integer. It is increased when the entry is updated. The value is kept during modifications not part of the atomic method family but this is mainly for regular management of the entries. It is not recommended to work with elements by mixing the two method families.

The convention for all the entries is to reserve the first 8 bytes for the revision. The rest of the content is the serialized payload.