This service connects to an external Hazelcast cluster (or standalone instance) as client. Hazelcast 4.0.0 or newer version is required. The connection to the server is kept alive using Hazelcast's built in reconnection capability. This might be fine-tuned by setting the following properties:

If the service cannot connect or abruptly disconnected it tries to reconnect after a backoff time. The amount of time waiting before the first attempt is defined by the Initial Backoff. If the connection is still not successful the client waits gradually more between the attempts until the waiting time reaches the value set in the 'Hazelcast Maximum Backoff' property (or the connection timeout, whichever is smaller). The backoff time after the first attempt is always based on the previous amount, multiplied by the Backoff Multiplier. Note: the real backoff time might be slightly differ as some "jitter" is added to the calculation in order to avoid regularity.