This processor publishes the contents of the incoming FlowFile to a JMS compliant messaging system.

This processor does two things. It constructs JMS Message by extracting FlowFile contents (both body and attributes). Once message is constructed it is sent to a pre-configured JMS Destination. Standard JMS Headers will be extracted from the FlowFile and set on javax.jms.Message as JMS headers while other FlowFile attributes will be set as properties of javax.jms.Message. Upon success the incoming FlowFile is transferred to the success Relationship and upon failure FlowFile is penalized and transferred to the failure Relationship.

Configuration Details

At the time of writing this document it only defines the essential configuration properties which are suitable for most cases. Other properties will be defined later as this component progresses. Configuring PublishJMS:

  1. User Name - [OPTIONAL] User Name used for authentication and authorization when this processor obtains javax.jms.Connection from the pre-configured javax.jms.ConnectionFactory (see below).
  2. Password - [OPTIONAL] Password used in conjunction with User Name.
  3. Destination Name - [REQUIRED] the name of the javax.jms.Destination. Usually provided by administrator (e.g., 'topic://myTopic').
  4. Destination Type - [REQUIRED] the type of the javax.jms.Destination. Could be one of 'QUEUE' or 'TOPIC' Usually provided by the administrator. Defaults to 'QUEUE'.

Connection Factory Configuration

There are multiple ways to configure the Connection Factory for the processor:

The preferred way is to use the Connection Factory Service property and a pre-configured controller service. It is also the most convenient method, because it is enough to configure the controller service once and then it can be used in multiple processors.

However, some JMS client libraries may not work with the controller services due to incompatible Java ClassLoader handling between the 3rd party JMS client library and NiFi. Should you encounter java.lang.ClassCastException errors when using the controller services, please try to configure the Connection Factory via the 'JNDI *' or the 'JMS *' and the dynamic properties of the processor. For more details on these properties, see the documentation of the corresponding controller service (JndiJmsConnectionFactoryProvider for 'JNDI *' and JMSConnectionFactoryProvider for 'JMS *').