This processor is a general purpose processor for inserting, upserting and updating MongoDB collections.

Inserting Documents

Each flowfile is assumed to contain only a single MongoDB document to be inserted. The contents must be valid JSON. The input the Mongo shell accepts should not be confused with valid JSON. It does not support batch writes at this time.

Updating and Upserting

Update Modes

There are two methods for choosing what gets written to a document when updating:

There are two ways to update:

Update Key

The update key method takes keys from the document and builds a query from them. It will attempt to parse the _id field as an ObjectID type if that is one of the keys that is specified in the configuration field. Multiple keys can be specified by separating them with commas. This configuration field supports Expression Language, so it can derived in part or entirely from flowfile attributes.

Update Query

The update query method takes a valid JSON document as its value and uses it to find one or more documents to update. This field supports Expression Language, so it can be derived in part or entirely from flowfile attributes. It is possible, for instance, to put an attribute named update_query on a flowfile and specify ${update_query} in the configuration field so it will load the value from the flowfile.


If the upsert mode is enabled, PutMongo will insert a new document that matches the search criteria (be it a user-supplied query or one built from update keys) and give it the properties that are specified in the JSON document provided in the flowfile content. This feature should be used carefully, as it can result in incomplete data being added to MongoDB.