The StartSnowflakeIngest processor triggers a Snowflake pipe ingestion for a staged file. Please note, that the pipe has to be created in your Snowflake account manually. The processor requires an upstream connection that provides the path of the file to be ingested in the stage through the "snowflake.staged.file.path" attribute. This attribute is automatically filled in by the PutSnowflakeInternalStage processor when using an internal stage. In case a pipe copies data from an external stage, the attribute shall be manually provided (e.g. with an UpdateAttribute processor). NOTE: Since Snowflake pipes ingest files asynchronously, this processor transfers FlowFiles to the "success" relationship when they're marked for ingestion. In order to wait for the actual result of the ingestion, the processor may be connected to a downstream GetSnowflakeIngestStatus processor.

Example flow for internal stage

GetFile -> PutSnowflakeInternalStage -> StartSnowflakeIngest -> GetSnowflakeIngestStatus

Example flow for external stage

ListS3 -> UpdateAttribute (add the "snowflake.staged.file.path" attribute) -> StartSnowflakeIngest -> GetSnowflakeIngestStatus