Usage Description

The pairing of this Processor with a HandleHttpResponse Processor provides the ability to use NiFi to visually construct a web server that can carry out any functionality that is available through the existing Processors. For example, one could construct a Web-based front end to an SFTP Server by constructing a flow such as:

HandleHttpRequest -> PutSFTP -> HandleHttpResponse

The HandleHttpRequest Processor provides several Properties to configure which methods are supported, the paths that are supported, and SSL configuration.

To handle requests with Content-Type: multipart/form-data containing multiple parts, additional attention needs to be paid. Each part generates a FlowFile of its own. To each these FlowFiles, some special attributes are written:

These attributes could be used to implement a gating mechanism for HandleHttpResponse processor to wait for the processing of FlowFiles with sequence number http.multipart.fragments.sequence.number until up to of flow files are processed, belonging to the same http.context.identifier, which is unique to the request.