Import a ReadyFlow

ReadyFlows are flow definitions provided by Cloudera to help you get started with the most common data flow use cases and successfully implement them with DataFlow.

Just like any other NiFi flow definition that you want to run in DataFlow, you need to import the ReadyFlow into your CDF catalog.

You have been assigned the DFCatalogAdmin user role.

  1. Navigate to the ReadyFlow that you want to use, to review information about its usage.
  2. Download the flow definition by clicking on the link in the Flow Definition row.
  3. Open CDF in your browser and from the left navigation pane, click Catalog.
  4. Click Import Flow Definition and provide the following information:
    • Flow Name – specify a unique name for the flow definition you are importing.

    • Flow Description – Optionally, provide a description of your flow definition. Use this value to help you differentiate between the other flows imported to your catalog.

    • NiFi Flow Configuration – upload the flow definition JSON file.

  5. Click Import.