Import a flow definition

Before you can deploy a flow, you must import a flow definition that contains the dataflow logic you want to deploy to a Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) environment.

Once you have your CDF environment enabled, the next step is to create and import a flow definition. A flow definition is a .json file that imports your dataflow logic to CDF.

  • You have been assigned the DFCatalogAdmin user role.
  1. From the CDF left navigation pane, click Catalog.
  2. Click Import Flow Definition and provide the following information:
    • Flow Name – specify a unique name for the flow definition you are importing.
    • Flow Description – Optionally, provide a description of your flow definition. Use this value to help you differentiate between the other flows imported to your catalog.
    • NiFi Flow Configuration – upload the flow definition JSON file.
  3. Click Import.

When you have finished importing a flow definition, proceed by deploying it.