ReadyFlow: Kafka to Cloudera Operational Database

You can use an Apache NiFi data flow to ingest data into Cloudera Operational Database (COD) through Cloudera DataFlow. Learn how to use NiFi to move data from a range of locations to COD in CDP Public Cloud.

This ReadyFlow consumes JSON, CSV or Avro data from a source Kafka topic, parses the schema by looking up the schema name in the CDP Schema Registry and ingests it into an HBase table in COD. Failed HBase write operations are retried automatically to handle transient issues. Define a KPI on the failure_WriteToCOD connection to monitor failed write operations.

ReadyFlow details
Source Kafka topic
Source Format JSON, CSV, Avro
Destination Cloudera Operational Database
Destination Format HBase Table

Today’s scalable web applications for use cases like hotel or flight bookings as well as mobile banking applications are relying on an equally scalable database which can serve data at a very low latency. COD in Cloudera DataFlow is powered by Apache HBase and provides application developers with everything they need to build scalable applications on top of it.

You can use Apache NiFi data flows into Apache HBase in a CDP Public Cloud Operational Database cluster to make sure that the applications you build on top always have access to the latest data.