List of required configuration parameters for the Kafka to Snowflake ReadyFlow

When deploying the Kafka to Snowflake ReadyFlow, you have to provide the following parameters. Use the information you collected in Prerequisites.

Table 1. Kafka to Snowflake ReadyFlow configuration parameters
Parameter Name Description
CDP Workload User Specify the CDP machine user or workload user name that you want to use to authenticate to Kafka. Ensure this user has the appropriate access rights to the source Kafka topic.
CDP Workload User Password Specify the password of the CDP machine user or workload user you are using to authenticate against Kafka.
CSV Delimiter If your source data is CSV, specify the delimiter here.
Data Input Format Specify the format of your input data. You can use "CSV", "JSON" or "AVRO" with this ReadyFlow.
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • AVRO
Filter Rule Specify the filter rule expressed in SQL to filter streaming events for the destination database. Records matching the filter will be written to the destination database. The default value forwards all records.
Kafka Broker Endpoint Specify the Kafka bootstrap server.
Kafka Consumer Group ID The name of the consumer group used for the source topic you are consuming from.
Kafka Source Topic Specify a topic name that you want to read from.
Kafka Schema Name Specify the schema name to be looked up in the CDP Schema Registry for the source Kafka topic.
Schema Registry Hostname Specify the hostname of the Schema Registry you want to connect to. This must be the direct hostname of the Schema Registry itself, not the Knox Endpoint.
Snowflake Account Name Specify the Snowflake account name.
Snowflake Organization Specify the Snowflake organization name.
Snowflake Pipe Specify the Snowflake pipe.
Snowflake Private Key File Upload the Snowflake private key file.
Snowflake Private Key Password Specify the password for the Snowflake private key.
Snowflake User Name Specify your Snowflake user name.
Snowflake User Password Specify your Snowflake user password.
Snowflake Warehouse Specify your Snowflake warehouse. The default value is COMPUTE_WH.
Table Name Specify the Snowflake table name you want to write to.
Target Database Name Specify the Snowflake database you want to write to.
Target Schema Name Specify the schema of the Snowflake database. The default value is PUBLIC.