ReadyFlow: MQTT filter to Kafka

You can use the MQTT filter to Kafka ReadyFlow to move your data from an MQTT source to a Kafka topic.

This ReadyFlow consumes JSON, CSV or Avro data from a source MQTT topic and parses the schema by looking up the schema name in the CDP Schema Registry. You can filter events by specifying a SQL query in the 'Filter Rule' parameter. The filtered events are then converted to the specified output data format and written to the destination Kafka topic. Failed Kafka write operations are retried automatically to handle transient issues. Define a KPI on the failure_WriteToKafka connection to monitor failed write operations.

ReadyFlow details
Source MQTT Processor
Source Format JSON, CSV, Avro
Destination Kafka Topic
Destination Format JSON, CSV, Avro

Moving data with MQTT filter to Kafka flow

MQTT is a messaging protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT) that is used in a wide variety of industries. You can use the MQTT filter to Kafka ReadyFlow to read data from a MQTT topic, parse the data using a schema provided either through the CDP Schema Registry or through direct schema input. You can then filter or transform the data using a SQL query before it is written to a destination topic in a CDP Kafka cluster.