Known issues and limitations

You must be aware of the known issues and limitations, the areas of impact, and workarounds in Cloudera DataFlow.

Known issues

Role assignment processing

New role assignments are only processed when a user logs into the DataFlow workload application. Note that the user can remain logged in for up to eight hours after their last interaction with the workload application.

If you assign or remove the DFFlowAdmin or DFFlowUser roles while the user is logged into the workload application, the user must log out and log back in for the change to take effect.


Reporting Tasks are not supported as part of a flow deployment
When you download a flow definition from NiFi, existing reporting tasks are not exported to the resulting JSON file. As a result, deployments created in DataFlow do not have any pre-configured Reporting Tasks.
If you have been assigned the FlowAdmin role, you can manually create Reporting Tasks in the NiFi canvas after a deployment is completed.
Data Lineage information is not automatically reported to Atlas in the Data Catalog
Flow deployments created by DataFlow do not come with a pre-configured ReportLineageToAtlas Reporting Task.
If you have been assigned the FlowAdmin role, you can manually create and configure the ReportLineageToAtlas Reporting Task in the NiFi canvas after a deployment is completed.
You cannot edit Sizing and Scaling or KPI configurations of running Flow Deployments
You can only set Sizing and Scaling and KPI configurations when using the Deployment Wizard. Once you have launched a flow deployment, you cannot ad, edit, or remove KPIs, turn auto-scaling on or off, or set scaling boundaries.
If you need to change Sizing and Scaling or KPI settings, terminate your current flow deployment and re-deploy the flow definition using the Deployment Wizard.
PowerUsers are not able to create flow deployments without additional DataFlow roles
While the PowerUser role gives you the ability to view flow deployments in the Dashboard, view flow definitions in the Catalog, and allows you to initiate flow deployments, the Deployment Wizard fails after selecting an environment for which the user does not have the DFFlowAdmin resource role assigned.
Assign the DFFlowAdmin role to the user of the environment to which they want to deploy flow definitions.
Environments cannot be upgraded
Once you have enabled DataFlow for an environment, you cannot upgrade that environment.
Disable and reenable the environment for DataFlow.
NiFi flows with custom processors cannot be deployed
CDF currently does not allow you to deploy NiFi flow definitions which rely on custom processors.
There is no workaround for this issue.
NiFi flows containing processors listening or receiving external data are not supported
CDF currently does not support deploying NiFi flow definitions which contain processors that receive data from external systems.
There is no workaround for this issue.