Generating Access Key ID and Private Key

A CDP machine user must have API access credentials to access CDP services through the CDP CLI or API.

  1. Click the Roles tab on the user account details page.
  2. Click Update Roles.
    The Update Roles pane is displayed.
  3. Select the DFFunctionMachineUser role to assign it to your user.
  4. Click Update.
    When the role is added, you should see:
  5. Select the Access Keys tab on the user account details page.
  6. Click Generate Access Key.
    The Generate Access Key modal window is displayed. it gives you an Access Key ID and a Private Key, which will be required when configuring your function.
  7. Click Generate Access Key.
    A message is displayed that your access key has been successfully created.

    You can copy your Access Key ID and your Private Key. You will need these when configuring your function.

  8. Optional: You can also download the credentials file into the .cdp directory in your user home directory. Or run the command cdp configure and enter the access key ID and private key to create a CDP credentials file in the same directory.
When ready, you should see something like this: