Cloning an Altus Environment

You can clone an Altus environment from another environment. When you clone an environment, you can keep the same resources in the new environment or specify new resources.

To clone an Altus environment:
  1. Sign in to the Cloudera Altus console:

  2. On the side navigation panel, click Environments.

    The Environments page displays the list of all the Altus environments that are available in your Altus account.

  3. Click the name of an environment.
  4. Review the environment resources to verify that it is the environment that you want to clone.
  5. Click Actions and select Clone Environment.

    You use the Configuration Wizard to clone an environment.

  6. On the Environment Name page, enter a name for the new Altus environment and click Next.

    Specify the resources required in the environment. You can keep the same resources or specify new resources.

  7. Review the summary of the environment configuration and click Create to create an environment based on the selected environment.