The following is a list of terms related to Cloudera Altus:
Cloudera Altus
Cloudera Altus is the cloud service platform that enables you to use CDH to analyze and process data at scale in the cloud. It offers distributed processing engine options for different types of workloads, such as data engineering, ETL, machine learning, and large scale data processing.
Altus client
The Altus client provides a command-line interface to Altus services and resources. The commands that you can run depends on the roles assigned to your user account.
Altus console
The Altus console is the web user interface for Altus. You can log in to the Altus console to create an Altus environment, manage user access, and create clusters and submit jobs. The tasks that you can perform on the Altus console depends on the roles assigned to your user account.
Altus environment
An Altus environment describes the resources in the cloud service provider account that are available to an Altus user. You must have Altus administrator privileges to create an Altus environment.
Altus API access key
Access key that identifies a user who runs an Altus command. Before you can use the Altus CLI, you must configure the client with an access key.
Cloudera resource name (CRN)
Unique identifier for a Cloudera Altus resource. Any resource created in Altus is assigned a CRN. For example, when you create a cluster, Altus assigns a CRN to identify the cluster.
Compute worker node
A type of worker node that runs computational processes in a cluster. It does not run data storage processes. The compute worker node is stateless and can be terminated and restarted without risking job execution.
Altus Data Engineering service
The Altus Data Engineering service is an Altus cloud service that creates clusters and runs jobs for data science and engineering workloads.
Machine user account
A machine user account provides programmatic access to the Altus API through the CLI. You can use a machine user account in an application to run Altus processes using CLI commands.
A role grants permissions to perform tasks in Altus that are not associated with a specific environment. You explicitly assign a role to a user account.
Resource role
A resource role grants permission to perform tasks in a specific Altus environment. When you assign an environment to a user, the resource role associated with the environment is also assigned to the user.
SDX namespace
An SDX namespace is the Altus SDX data catalog for persistent storage of metadata for clusters that read from and write to data in cloud object storage.
Workload Analytics
A tool that provides performance information, such as baselines, and runs health checks. Use this information to troubleshoot failed jobs and optimize slow jobs. To use Workload Analytics, the Altus environment must be configured for it.