Overview of Altus SDX

Altus Shared Data Experience (SDX) is a service that provides a consistent view of data for clusters and workloads running in the cloud. Altus SDX externalizes cluster metadata into a shared, long-running service available to multiple clusters and workloads running in the cloud.

Altus SDX enables you to externalize cluster metadata with the Altus SDX namespace. The Altus SDX namespace points to a database that stores metadata for the data accessed by clusters in the cloud, shareable among multiple clusters that access the same data. You can use an Altus SDX namespace for clusters that access data in Amazon S3 or in Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS).

Ordinarily, metadata does not persist beyond the lifecycle of a cluster. When you run workloads across multiple clusters, you lose the metadata when you terminate a cluster and start another. You must define the data structures each time you start a new cluster and access data. When you configure multiple clusters in the cloud to share the Altus SDX namespace, you enable the clusters to access the data without the need to recreate the metadata.