This is the documentation for CDH 5.1.x. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Sqoop 1 Installation

Apache Sqoop 1 is a tool designed for efficiently transferring bulk data between Apache Hadoop and structured datastores such as relational databases. You can use Sqoop 1 to import data from external structured datastores into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) or related systems such as Hive and HBase. Conversely, you can use Sqoop 1 to extract data from Hadoop and export it to external structured datastores such as relational databases and enterprise data warehouses.


To see which version of Sqoop 1 is shipping in CDH 5, check the CDH Version and Packaging Information. For important information on new and changed components, see the CDH 5 Release Notes.

Also see Feature Differences - Sqoop 1 and Sqoop 2 for major feature differences between Sqoop 1 and Sqoop 2.

Page generated September 3, 2015.