This is the documentation for CDH 5.1.x. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Optional Step 8: Configuring Security for HDFS High Availability

CDH 5 supports the HDFS High Availability (HA) feature with Kerberos security enabled. There are two use cases that affect security for HA:

  • If you are not using Quorum-based Storage (see Software Configuration for Quorum-based Storage), then no extra configuration for HA is necessary if automatic failover is not enabled. If automatic failover is enabled then access to ZooKeeper should be secured. See the Software Configuration for Shared Storage Using NFS documentation for details.
  • If you are using Quorum-based Storage, then you must configure security for Quorum-based Storage by following the instructions in this section.

To configure security for Quorum-based Storage:

Add the following Quorum-based Storage configuration properties to the hdfs-site.xml file on all of the machines in the cluster:

  <value>/etc/hadoop/conf/hdfs.keytab</value> <!-- path to the HDFS keytab -->

If you already have principals and keytabs created for the machines where the JournalNodes are running, then you should reuse those principals and keytabs in the configuration properties above. You will likely have these principals and keytabs already created if you are collocating a JournalNode on a machine with another HDFS daemon.

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