Configuring Telemetry Publisher

After Workload XM on-premises is installed, you must configure Telemetry Publisher on your workload cluster. Before moving to the workload cluster, you need to obtain a particular host name from the cluster where you installed Workload XM on-premises.


  • From Workload XM on-premises, in Cloudera Manager > Hosts > Roles, locate a node having the Databus API Server role, and make a note of its name.

    Roles on the Workload XM On-Premises Cluster

  • Obtain your WXM license information before starting this procedure. You need to enter the license in Cloudera Manager.

A dedicated disk for Telemetry Publisher is recommended. On the host cluster that you designate for the Telemetry Publisher Service role, using the dedicated disk prevents any issues sending data to WXM from affecting operations other than Telemetry Publisher.

Complete the following steps on the workload cluster:

  1. Move from the Workload XM cluster where you installed the Workload XM service to the workload cluster.
  2. Click CLOUDERA Manager in the upper-left corner to go to Home.

  3. Click Cloudera Management Service Actions > Configuration, search for the following property: Telemetry Publisher Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for telemetrypublisher.conf

  4. Add the text below for the property, using the Database API Server host name you gathered as a prerequisite for these steps. If TLS/SSL is enabled for the Databus API Server (ssl.enabled), then use https for the telemetry.altus.url property. Otherwise, use http.
    telemetry.altus.url=<http|https>://<Databus API Server host>:<Databus API Server port, Default=12022.>

    Save changes.

  5. Configure Telemetry Publisher: Click Administration > External Accounts.

  6. Click Altus Credentials > Add Access Key Authentication.

  7. In Add Access Key Authentication, in Name, enter an arbitrary name.
  8. In Altus Access Key ID, enter your WXM license ID (access_key_id without quotation marks).
  9. In Altus Private Key, click Choose File, and then browse and select your WXM license private key file.

    For example:

    This license is not related to Altus, but acts as a pay-wall mechanism to use WXM.

  10. Click Add.

  11. In Cloudera Management Service Actions, click Restart.

  12. Click Restart.

    The Restart progress dialog appears: