Cluster Report Emails

WXM can send you cluster statistics straight to your inbox. Enable Cluster Reports to get daily updates on your cluster performance. You can use this information to keep track of the number of queries and jobs that are running on your cluster, identify users that are running large numbers of queries, and be alerted to jumps in the number of failed jobs or queries. This saves you time so that you don't have to login to your cluster and analyze these numbers yourself.

WXM sends the Cluster Report daily at 1:00 AM PDT with the previous day's statistics. It is split into a Data Warehouse section and a Data Engineering section.

The Data Warehouse section shows the total number of queries and the number of failed queries for the day, as well as how those statistics compare to the same day of the previous week. It also shows the users that run the most queries and the number of queries that they ran in that 24 hour period.

The Data Engineering section shows the total number of jobs, the number of failed jobs, and how those numbers compare to the same day of the previous week.

Cluster Report Example

The image below shows an example of a Cluster Report:

The Cluster Report fort he Archaeopteryx cluster is split into Data Warehosue and Data Engineering sections. The Data Warehouse section shows the number of total queries and the number of failed queries. The Data Engineering section shows the total number of jobs and the number of failed jobs.

In the Cluster Report above, you can see the cluster name, Archaeopteryx, and the date of the report at the top. This report is for a Monday and compares the queries and jobs with the statistics from the previous Monday. In this report, the total number of queries is 159,300, which is a 0.465% increase from the previous Monday. The number of failed queries is 5,400, which is a 1.45% increase from the previous Monday and the increase percentage is highlighted in red to alert you to a potential problem.

The top five users that are running the most queries are also listed. In this example, the user microraptor ran the most queries, at 112,000. The list of users includes their ranking compared to the previous week and by what percent their number of queries changed.

In the Data Engineering section, the total number of jobs was 33,200 with 458 failed jobs.

You can click on the link at the bottom of the page to disable Cluster Reports.

Enabling Cluster Report Emails

When you enable Cluster Reports, WXM sends the reports to the email address that you used to log into WXM when you enabled the reports. You cannot manage Cluster Reports for other users.

To enable Cluster Reports, go to the Clusters page, click on the Actions drop-down menu next to the cluster that you want to receive reports for, and select Enable Cluster Report Emails. In the screenshot below, you can see the location of the option:

Enable Cluster Report Emails is available from the Actions menu of the Sauropoda cluster.

After cluster reports have been enabled for a cluster, there is a checkmark in the Email Report column for that cluster, as you can see for the Brontosaurus cluster in the image above.

To disable Cluster Report emails, click the Actions menu for the cluster and select Disable Cluster Report Emails.