Determining the Cause for Slow and Failed Queries (Applications Developers)

You can also use Workload XM to find the cause of slow query run times, long execution times, and queries that fail to complete executing.

  1. Log in to the Workload XM console at:, and in Search, type the name of the cluster you want to analyze.
  2. On the Data Engineering Jobs page, click the Health Checks drop-down list, and select Task Wait Time. This filters the list to display jobs with longer than average wait times.

  3. Click on the Job name to view more detailed information.

  4. On the details page for that job, click Health Checks and then click Task Wait Time to see which tasks have abnormally long wait times.

    Click one of the tasks listed under Outlier Tasks to view details about it.

  5. When you view the Outlier Task details, notice the long wait time, which is indicated under Wait Duration. Compare this value to the run time once started, indicated under Successful Attempt Duration. The Successful Attempt Duration value is significantly better than the average. This could mean that insufficient resources were allocated for this job.