Deploying NFS Server Provisioner on Rook Ceph

This example shows you how to deploy the NFS Server Provisioner on an OpenShift cluster where the Rook Ceph storage system is used.

As an example, you can deploy the NFS Server Provisioner using the Helm chart provided here.

  • For the nfs storage class, set “allowVolumeExpansion=true”
  • For the underlying persistent volume, specify a size of 1 TiB.
  • On the block storage system class, rook-ceph-block in this case, set allowVolumeExpansion=true
  • Download two YAML files here: nfs-server-provisioner.yml and nfs-scc.yml.
  1. Install Path 1: Installing using the oc command and yaml files:
    1. If you do not have Tillerless Helm v2 set up, then you can simply apply the nfs-server-provisioner.yaml file as follows: $ oc create -f nfs-server-provisioner.yaml -n cml-nfs
  2. Install Path 2: Installing using the oc command and Tillerless Helm v2:
    $ oc delete scc nfs-scc
    $ oc delete clusterrole cml-nfs-nfs-server-provisioner 
    $ oc delete clusterrolebinding cml-nfs-nfs-server-provisioner 
    $ oc delete namespace cml-nfs
    $ helm tiller run cml-nfs -- helm delete cml-nfs --purge
    $ oc delete scc nfs-scc "nfs-scc" deleted